The Foxy Lady

The Foxy Lady is a Jeanneau Voyage 12,5 meter build in 1989. We found her in 2013, in need of a lot of TLC !!! Allthough we don't know the history of where the name came from, we are pretty sure she is named after the Jimmy Hendrix song.

After alot of blood, sweat and tears the Lady really is a cruiser worthy of circumnavigating this beautiful orb. She's fully equipped to keep us going for a while. We can comfortably house the current crew in 3 double bed bunks, 2 bathrooms, sweet pantry and galley. She turns wind and sun into power and even has place to store a couple of months worth of food, although you might trip over the leaning tower of beer or bust your head on the nets with fruits and vegies ;).

Before setting off on our adventure we read as much as we could and these sort of blogs helped us a lot when we were making our preparations, so for the more salty readers Rick will put some more details here about what we did to get her in shape for this journey.